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Quote of the Month:It's funny, I never even considered an alternative to acting. I never imagined that it wouldn't work out. So I suppose my advice to you (aspiring actors) is just to be arrogant. Arrogant and jammy- it worked for me!"

Earlier Quotes:

It's about freedom, isn't it? And being yourself, and being even more than yourself, and just going for it."

"Iíve got a black woolen hat and itís got PERVERT written across the front of it. Itís the name of the clothing label. And I was with my wife and my baby at the supermarket and I didnít think. I just put my hat on Claraís head, because it was cold. And the looks. I couldnít figure out why I was getting death looks. And then I realized my 10-month old babyís wearing a hat with the word PERVERT written on it and these people were like, ĎThereís Satan! Thereís Satan out with his kid!í And then I made a point of her wearing it everytime we went there."

"We just got on. We were singing to each other from the moment we met. There's something beautiful about that." on his relationship with Nicole Kidman

"It was depressing to go on that quickly: I was yearning for more. Moulin Rouge was so emotionally charged to make. I've never been happier to do anything in my life." On the end of shooting the film

"Being naked was far more worrisome for everyone else on the set than it was for me. I actually enjoyed it, the truth be told. There was something incredibly powerful about it. Usually you'd get arrested for that sort of thing, but I got paid."

"When I met with agents in L.A., they would tell me you had to do two movies for yourself and then two for the business. And I thought, 'F--- off. No, you don't. You do every film because you want to do good work. Because you're interested in making good movies and working with good people.' To do a crappy event movie for a lot of money, like Independence Day--I would never taint my soul with that crap."

"One minute i was lying on the floor with a syringe in my arm, then i got married, then i was standing in this trailer with a wig and a top hat and leather gloves on." ewan's hectic film schedule

"I kept telling Nicole as we were filming, 'You'll be driving along, and you'll hear us singing in the car next to you.' That would be just the best thing." on his dream to hear Come What May on the radio

"Now that I'm a father I find it's turned me into a man who realises the responsibility of having children." He's so sweet sometimes...

"All I know is I had a strange vibration in my vision the next day." on the day after the Moulin Rouge absinthe party which no one could remember...

"To these soldiers, a gun is so second nature they're hardly aware they're even there, whereas for an actor it's like, 'Oooh, it's a gun!' I don't particularly like guns, but I have to admit that I quite enjoyed firing them." ~on Black Hawk Down

"I don't know if anyone has ever sported a mullet and beard with as much panache as myself." on Star Wars: Episode II

"We imagined the day when it would be asked, so we made a pact to never ever let that happen, no matter how drunk anyone was. To resist the temptation." -Ewan on his agreement with Nicole never to sing Moulin Rouge songs in public

"I don't care about Oscars. It's such self-aggrandizing nonsense. It's a way to manipulate people into believing that their choices are what's good. It's rubbish. They're looking after themselves. I'll be fu**ing deliriously happy if I ever get one by the way. I'll go up there and cry and everything. But I don't value them, because I don't have one yet."

"I never worry about how I am perceived on film or off. I'm not going to give up drinking, smoking, swearing, or racing my motorbike just because it might not make me a good role model for Star Wars fans. We Scottish are happy, emotional people. We believe in living life- not just existing."

"I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be interesting."

"I'm just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real light saber."