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All about Me

I am impressed. You have actually taken the time to see who exactly the person is behind the website! Thank you very much... Anyway, there isn't too much to be said, other than the completely obvious fact that I am a way over-obssessed fan of Ewan McGregor. I also quite enjoy Hugh Grant, Jennifer Connely, killer whales, Oasis, and Star Wars, to list a very bare minimum. Anyhoo, I'll let it go at that.

If you want to know exactly how crazy I really am or to check out what obsessive things you can do, I have listed what Ewanish things I have done on previous dates:

  • 10/7/2002: I watched Trainspotting five times in two days. Yeah. I'm pathetic.
  • 9/8/2002: Yippee!!! I got a Moulin Rouge poster today!!! It's hanging over my bed...
  • 8/10/2002: I seriously flipped when they posted Ewan McGregor's name for the "who am I?" thing at the movie theatres... no joking. I got a bunch of odd looks to go with that...
  • 8/9/2002: I spent fifteen dollars on Star Wars trading cards and another three on an Obi-Wan Kenobi puzzle, not to mention twenty more on Moulin Rouge Soundtrack 2. In fact, I am listening to that right now, and am totally broke. ::sob:: :P
  • 8/8/2002: I stayed up until 1:30 watching Ve;lvet Goldmine-- normally I am in bed by nine, but I couldn't resist the black eyeliner of Curt Wild...
  • 8/7/2002: As I was traveling through NY looking at colleges (yippee) we stopped to get gas in Duanesberg! It was so exciting- I even got out of the car to step on that grass. All the while, I assure you, I was searching frantically for any sign of Billy and/or a black and white pigeon.